Bland & Weller



London music seller and publisher founded about 1784 by Anne Bland (probably a relative of John Bland). In 1793 she went into partnership with piano maker E. Weller, and the firm became Bland & Weller until 1818, presumably after her death or retirement. In 1805 they bought musical stock and the copyright of 360 songs from Charles Dibdin, most of which were subsequently bought by John Diether c.1818. The firm continued a few years as Weller & Co., and E. Weller.

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  • A. Bland (c.1784-1793)
  • A. Bland & Weller (1793-1818)
  • A. Bland & Weller's Music Warehouse
  • Weller & Co. (1818-1821)
  • E. Weller


  • 23, Oxford Street

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