Lautentabulaturbuch, A-Wn Mus.Hs.1078 (Various)

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PDF scanned by A-Wn
Stefan Apke (2020/4/28)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1720).
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General Information

Work Title Lautentabulaturbuch
Alternative. Title Stücke in französischer Lautentabulatur
Composer Various
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. Mus.Hs.1078
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IV 29
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 12 partitas/suites

The (mostly unattributed) content of this book is differently interpreted, see Österreichische Nationalbibliothek and The book is interleaved with pictures, some of which are placed within a Suite/Partie.

  • Image (f.1r)

1. Anonymous: La querelle d'Amour [Partie, G major]

  • Entree (3v-4r)
  • Courante (4v-5r)
  • Siciliana (5v-6r)
  • La Coquette (6v-7r)
  • Menuett (7v)
  • Trio (8r)
  • Gige (8v-9r)

2. Anonymous: [Partie, B major]

  • Allemande (9v-10r)
  • Courante (10v-11r)
  • Menuet (11v)
  • Image (12r)
  • Bouree (Anonymous) (13r)
  • La Coquette (Anonymous) (13v-14r)
  • Gige (Anonymous) (14v-15r)

3. Johann Ferdinand Wilhelm von Pergen (Graf Bergen): [Partie, F major]

  • Allemande du comte bergen (15v-16r)
  • Courante (16v)
  • Sarabande (17r)
  • Gavotte (17v)
  • Bourée (18r)
  • Menuet (18v)
  • Gigue (19r)

4. Johann Ferdinand Wilhelm von Pergen (Graf Bergen): [Partie, A minor]

5. Philipp Hyacinth, Prince Lobkowitz: [Partie, B major]

  • Menuet du prince de lobkowitz (Prinz Lobkowitz) (23v)
  • Allemande du prince de lobkowitz (Prinz Lobkowitz) (24r)
  • Courante (Anonymous) (24v)
  • Rondeau (Anonymous) (25r)
  • Bouree (Anonymous) (25v)
  • 2. Menuet (Anonymous) (26r)
  • Gigue (Anonymous) (26v-27r)

6. Johann Ferdinand Wilhelm von Pergen: [Partie, B major]

  • Allemande du comte bergen (27v)
  • Courante (28r)
  • Fantasie (28v)
  • Gigue (29r)
  • Menuet (29v)
  • Menuet (30r)

7. Giuseppe Borsilli (Joseph Porsile): [Partie, G minor]

  • Allemande de Borsilli (30v-31r)
  • Courante (31r-31v)
  • Image (32r)
  • Sarabande (33r)
  • Menuet (33v)
  • Gigue (34r)

8. Anonymous: [Partie, C major]:

  • Entree (34v)
  • Allemande (35r-35v)
  • Menuet (36r)
  • Bouree (36v-37r)
  • Allegro (37v-38r)

9. [acc. to Antonio Caldara]: Aria: Sono amante e sono figlia (B major) (38v-39r)

10. Silvius Leopold Weiss: [Partie, F major]

  • Allemande (Silvius Leopold Weiss) (39v-40r)
  • Courante [Silvius Leopold Weiss] (40v-41r)
  • Bouree (Anonymous) (41v-42r)
  • Sarabande (Anonymous) (42v)
  • Menuet (Anonymous) (43r)
  • Gigue (Anonymous) (43v-45r)
  • Prelude (Anonymous) (45v-46r)

11. Silvius Leopold Weiss: Paisane (D major) (46v-47r)

12. Silvius Leopold Weiss: Menuet Mad[ame]. la grondeuse (A major) (47v-48r)

  • Image (87r)
  • Image (98)
  • Image (100r)
  • Image (105r)
  • Image (110r)
First Publication. 1720 ca.
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation lute